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Schooling Begins At Home

As Indians, education is an important part of our lives. Even before our kids are conceived we are told to think about the school that our child should be enrolled in.

It starts with which school you want for your child to what standards and methodology the school adopts for teaching, the focus on co-curricular activities along with academic activities and so on.

Pre-Literacy Skills

But even before that, it is important for us to remember that any kind of education actually begins from home. The skills that children develop at home, which help them ahead in school life and otherwise are called “pre-literacy skills” and their development is of utmost importance, even over choosing a school.

Systematic development of pre-literacy skills in the child will help develop a successful learner and that, will entitle a literate life ahead. These skills can be developed in children from birth to 6 years of age.

Why are pre-literacy skills so important?

Pre-literacy skills ensure that the child is prepared for a learning environment such as a school and is able to adjust easily. Depending on how strong the environment is, children are able to pick up these skills.

How will I know what pre-literacy skills need to be developed and how?

The early years are critical to be able to help children achieve conventional literacy for meaningful purposes. Simply follow your child’s lead.

What are the types of pre-literacy skills?

The foundation is broadly dependent on, however not exclusive to these:

  • Non-Verbal Cognitive Skills: Attempt to communicate through the use of gestures, or pointing, or reaching out.
  • Play Skills: Engaging in an interactive act with the help of props or toys
  • Phonological Awareness: Coding and decoding the sounds in spoken language.
  • Print Awareness: Ability to understand letters of the alphabet and words.
  • Written Language Awareness: Ability to understand letter- word concept, book orientation, directionality of the writing system, etc.

In subsequent articles, I will talk about each of these pre-literacy skills, how they can be developed and activities that can help develop them further. Stay tuned!

– Article posted at Baby chakra on December 07th 2017